Block Universe International Performance Art Festival, 2019

As the festival celebrated its fifth anniversary, Block Universe presented Territorial Symphonies a new commission in Venice alongside the opening of the Biennale and Power Night a programme in Germany at E-WERK Luckenwalde, as part of Berlin Art Week, in addition to the London festival.

Fittingly for a programme that spans both Europe and the UK in the current political context, Block Universe’s 2019 curatorial theme and expanded programme explores the concept of internal and external ‘world-making’ by looking at the diverse environments we create for ourselves to exist within, whether those be mental, physical or virtual spaces. Touching upon the ecological, geographic, political and spiritual, this year’s edition takes a holistic approach towards our understanding of the human experience.

The expanded public programme featured talks with key industry professionals, film screenings and participatory workshops.

Block Universe 2019 team: Louise O’Kelly, Founding Director & Curator; Katharina Worf, Curator & Director of International Programme; Tatjana Damm, Managing Director; Xica Aires, Head of Production; Sara Muthi, Communications; Sofia Schorling; Special Projects. Thank you to our Art Fund supported trainees for their support!

Venice, Italy


London, UK


Luckenwalde, Germany



Paul Maheke & Melika Ngombe Kolongo (Nkisi)

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