Quoz Arts Fest: Alserkal, Dubai, 2020

Block Universe have been invited to curate a programme of performances at Quoz Arts Fest, Dubai, hosted by Alserkal, reflecting upon social and cultural histories; diasporic roots, migration and embodied or archival memory.

POWER NIGHT: E-WERK, Germany, 2019

POWER NIGHT is an ambitious performance programme by Block Universe including new commissions and premieres by 8 international artists and collaborators for the launch of E-Werk Luckenwalde, a new institution in Germany.

Territorial Symphonies: 58th Venice Biennale, 2019

During the 58th Venice Biennale, Block Universe presented an offsite performance commission 'Territorial Symphonies' by Indrė Šerpytytė, exploring inclusion and exclusion in the biennale, one of the most prominent moments in the international arts calendar.

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