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With [the ghosts]

Eve Stainton

With [the ghosts]
is a digital collage film by Eve Stainton featuring costume pieces by Sophie Donaldson and sound by Caterina Barbieri

[the ghosts] as a queer romantic transmitter, as a mode of intimate teleportation and time traversal, a lockdown mediator. As a volume of horror that can be assigned to a lesbian experience, and as an absurd embodiment of this horror.

[the ghosts] as voices continually made invisible in society, as a volume holding the power to haunt, and bend reality.

As grief, heartbreak, darkness, acceptance.

As a force hanging before disappearance. And as a complicated texture that’s with me, moving me.

With [the ghosts] is a series of digital collage sci-fi choreographies made during lockdown, with love.

Image credits
Stills from ‘With [the ghosts]’.