Drawing ‘Out’, ‘From’, ‘With’ – Lips Become The Surface

Jade Montserrat & Nikita Gill

Performative workshop by Jade Montserrat & Nikita Gill

This performative workshop expands upon Drawing as Contagion, a chapter included in forthcoming publication A Companion Guide to Contemporary Drawing, eds Kelly Chorpening and Rebecca Fortnum (2020), written by artist Jade Montserrat considering the inextricable link between drawing, writing and performance. Drawing ‘Out’, ‘From’, ‘With’ – Lips Become The Surface will see Jade Montserrat responding to this text, read aloud by Nikita Gill, where the voice and lips become the surface from which Jade responds to fix charcoal to wall. The audience is invited to become part of the drawing by the very nature of their viewership, and become part of it again, should they choose, by drawing out, from and with text in multiple layered forms.

This workshop invites you to engage in a drawing practice, which can be done on any type of surface you prefer. You are encouraged to bring a surface and drawing materials into the workshop, but this could range from a digital surface like a google doc, a physical surface like a canvas or a piece of paper with chalk or pencils, but also your lips or mind can become surfaces that can function as mediums to translate text into an imaginary or word-based drawing.

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Stills from ‘Drawing ‘Out’, ‘From’, ‘With’ – Lips Become The Surface’