Friday, May 29
— Performative gathering by Rowdy SS & Ekin Bernay with Malthus, Rebecca Bellantoni, Chantel Foo​, Maria Fonseca and Miguel Moreira, Major Zcene, ​tyroneisaacstuart

Friday, 29 May 2020, 10pm

[Homework 4]
Rowdy SS & Ekin Bernay have been invited to host an online version of their ongoing project [Homework]. [Homework] is an experimental collaborative project dedicated to creating space for artists from various disciplines, initiated in June 2019 at the home studio of Ekin Bernay as a result of conversations with Rowdy SS and tyroneisaacstuart, in collaboration with Performistanbul. [Homework] is an ongoing series that sees the need for a way for connectivity through collaboration and invites live artists to come together, share, in a live art ‘jam’ and aims to build a community.

Ekin and Rowdy use their respective practices and approaches in tangen to create a meditative space for openings, creativity, an invitation to individual or collective performative energy. Homework is artists taking space and time for experimentation.

For Block Universe : Sessions, ‘​[Homework 4]’​ will be reformatted and hosted on a digital platform. Everyone who signs-up for this event will be part of the performative work itself. This is an opportunity for artists to unite, coexist and co-create globally. We will be creating space within our homes to the potentials of moving, observing, creating within the current situation we are locked in.

Ekin Bernay is a performance artist, dance and movement psychotherapist, movement director based in London. Ekin Bernay’s work focuses on the healing qualities of performance art and regularly utilises the audience as part of her work. This may be through directing the audience through text or sound and similarly through creating choreographic situations. Currently she is exploring new techniques of combining her methods as a dance therapist with her findings in performative works. An important element in her work is the exploration of collective creation with a multidisciplinary approach by inviting other artists and creatives.
Ekin Bernay is also a dance movement psychotherapist working in adult mental health charities and primary schools.
Among her recent performances are Where is home? (OnCurating Project Space, Zurich, 2019), [HOMEWORK X] –WORLBMON, [HOMEWORK] Series, with Performistanbul (as part of 16th Istanbul Biennial Public Programme, in WORLBMON by Güneş Terkol and Güçlü Öztekin, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University İstanbul Museum of Painting and Sculpture,Istanbul, 2019), Listen, A Walk From Babel (Tate Modern to Tate Exchange, London, 2019), What do you want?, Needed: You, 672 Hour Live Process, with Performistanbul, curated by Simge Burhanoğlu (Istanbul, 2018), Burn Like The Sun during House of Wisdom (Berlin, 2017), 9 Stone as part of Look Again, with Performistanbul, curated by Simge Burhanoğlu (Pera Museum, Istanbul, 2017).
Ekin continues her work as a performance artist and is represented by Performistanbul, International Performance Art Platform, based in Istanbul.

Rowdy SS is a London born and based international multidisciplinary artist.  Often working at the intersections of sound and music, dance and movement, and live art performance and videos; previous works have delved into and made space for, love and intimacy, exploration of identity and societal constructs.
Rowdy’s works include original sonic compositions, live sound, video, dance and movement as communicative tools and performance to create other spaces, dream-like or meditative states, points of contact, exploring repetition and surprise movement, and counter-movement.
Rowdy initiates performances and installations as interjections to tour, entangle and/or simplify how we are using and have used spaces, the ‘things’ that do and do not exist in said spaces, the alternative or new ways we can use ourselves, technology and our physicality to communicate, in and outside of such spaces.
Rowdy is a Somerset House Studios Resident Artist, and also leads masterclasses and workshops for young people at The Roundhouse Camden, Slade School of Fine Art, Goldsmiths University and The Yard Theatre.
Recent international performances include: ICA, Alserkel Avenue, Dubai, Nottingham Contemporary (2020), Turner Contemporary, Shangri-La, Glastonbury Festival, The Yard Theatre, Transmediale, Berlin, Maceos, Milan (2019), Balance, Palais De Tokyo, The RA, 180 The Strand, Block Universe Performance Art Festival, The Southbank Centre (2018) and successful residencies at Chisenhale Dance Space, Kottenspetionen Dans, Atalante and Konstall C in Sweden.

Rebecca Bellantoni ​- ​live sound text readings and improvisations
Rebecca Bellantoni is a London-born artist of Caribbean descent who mines and abstracts everyday occurrences through the lens of spirituality and its aesthetics. Her practice, which includes video, textile, performance, installation and writing, Bellantoni reflects on personal experience, rituals and mythmaking.

Chantel Foo – ​movement, gesture and performance
Trained formally in traditional Chinese dance, she imbues her body as a site of archival as well as a site of re-imagination, unlearning codes, glitching, exploring the body as a script, and movement as language. Her works are processual, and are concerned with exploring intimacy and departure.

Maria Fonseca and Miguel Moreira – movement

Malthus -​ ​vocals
Singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Malthus creates organic, alternative soul that draws on classical instrumentation, dark-wave electronica and industrial dance music.

Major Zcene Creative Studio – acapella sample clips
Major Zcene holds a collective of talent that have built all their relationships up organically. Major Zcene follow‘a a slick neo-noir aesthetic within high quality artistry, it is a home where artists can no longer be pigeon holed. Also working as a media consultancy providing talent and production within all fields from events, editorial, photography, film, performance, music and digital art.

Tyroneisaacstuart ​- ​movement
tyroneisaacstuart is an East London born & based multidisciplinary artist who’s style is a fusion of Christian practice, Jazz music and Contemporary performance. He makes choreographies & compositions for solo performance and/or other artists. His works often derive from concept to provide a framework for his discipline of choice. He is currently creating a multidisciplinary allegory called S.S.S, formulating his stylistic practice, and working as a freelance artist.

Image credits
Stills from ‘[Homework 4]’.