[Homework 4]

Rowdy SS & Ekin Bernay

[Homework 4]

Performative gathering by Rowdy SS & Ekin Bernay with Malthus, Rebecca Bellantoni, Chantel Foo​, Maria Fonseca and Miguel Moreira, Major Zcene, ​tyroneisaacstuart

Rowdy SS & Ekin Bernay have been invited to host an online version of their ongoing project [Homework]. [Homework] is an experimental collaborative project dedicated to creating space for artists from various disciplines, initiated in June 2019 at the home studio of Ekin Bernay as a result of conversations with Rowdy SS and tyroneisaacstuart, in collaboration with Performistanbul. [Homework] is an ongoing series that sees the need for a way for connectivity through collaboration and invites live artists to come together, share, in a live art ‘jam’ and aims to build a community.

Ekin and Rowdy use their respective practices and approaches in tangen to create a meditative space for openings, creativity, an invitation to individual or collective performative energy. Homework is artists taking space and time for experimentation.

For Block Universe : Sessions, ‘​[Homework 4]’​ will be reformatted and hosted on a digital platform. Everyone who signs-up for this event will be part of the performative work itself. This is an opportunity for artists to unite, coexist and co-create globally. We will be creating space within our homes to the potentials of moving, observing, creating within the current situation we are locked in.

Rebecca Bellantoni ​- ​live sound text readings and improvisations

Chantel Foo – ​movement, gesture and performance

Maria Fonseca and Miguel Moreira – movement

Malthus -​ ​vocals

Major Zcene Creative Studio – acapella sample clips

Tyroneisaacstuart ​- ​movement

Image credits
Stills from ‘[Homework 4]’.