Le roi danse

Kachette, Old St

Alex Baczynski Jenkins

A Block Universe new commission by Alex Baczynski Jenkins developed in collaboration with and performed by Andrew Hardwidge, Gery Georgieva and Imma Mess.

This choreography probes the proximity between baroque and techno-embodiments. The work consists of three parts; the first is a literal interpolating call of the contemporary subject as a field of desire – “are you feeling excited!?”, the second part weaves together the courtly dances of Louis XIV and the contemporary digital dances of communicative capitalism. This digital dance is performed through translating emojis (a commonly used affective vernacular of communicative capitalism) back into a literal body language. The third part is a re-enactment of Throbbing Gristle’s track “Discipline”. The choreography takes place in a landscape/junkspace of banners, for example “Intel: 50 years of Moore’s law” that are at times the material presence of advertising and at times transform into the folds that are so characteristic of baroque sculpture and bring us back to dancing in the cybernetic fold. By weaving and folding these trajectories  together, this piece attempts to give an affective account of 21st century subjects in the forcefield of neo-baroque-liberalism and its disciplinary biopolitics of pleasure, desire and excitement. 

Are you feeling excited?