Just What Is It That Makes Today’s Performances So Different, So Appealing? initiated by The Consonants

Somerset House, New Wing

Seminar with The Consonants

Through a series of quick-fire conversations and presentations, this public seminar held by curatorial research group The Consonants explored a series of approaches to curating durational, context-specific and performative artwork that reflects the broad range of institutional, medium and geographic contexts of the participants, within the context of Block Universe.

Initiated by Fatos Üstek and comprised of curators Charles Aubin, Maaike Gouwenberg, Rose Lejeune, Margarida Mendes, Margit Neuhold, Louise O’Kelly, Ben Roberts and Nadine Zeidler. The Consonants is an international curatorial research group that explore their various curatorial practices as a framework for dialogue and a site of research.

The Consonants is part of Vision Forum’s network, founded by Per Hüttner and supported by the Universitet Linköpings, Sweden. Vision Forum is an organisation that carries out research in contemporary art and organises events that transgresses the boundaries between performance, exhibition, workshops and education.