Block Universe was founded to support artists working with performance by providing a platform to highlight interdisciplinary, performance-based practices, encouraging institutions to rethink how they engage with the medium long-term. As a result, we have seen a strong shift in the programming of performance in London, as well as a marked increase in opportunities for the artists we work with at a local and international scale.

Our goal is to continue to build on our work and to champion emerging and international performance artists by giving them a high visibility platform, embedding their work in the cultural landscape of the UK and internationally and supporting them in the creation, production and realisation of newly commissioned work, thereby increasing their profile and creating further opportunities.

We are also committed to introducing the widest possible audience to performance art through our extensive educational programme with partner institutions, off-site venues and Universities.

We would like to invite you to become a supporter of this ground-breaking organisation! This is a unique opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way to the growth of a new generation of performance artists and ensuring an international legacy for performance art in the UK and Europe.

Any amount is welcome – we can assure you that your donation directly supports emerging and international artists by enabling them in the creation, production and realisation of newly commissioned work at the cross-section of visual arts, dance and music.

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