Workshop with Stina Nyberg and Andrea Svensson
— Public Programme

Tuesday, 30 May 2017, 2pm - 3.30pm
Siobhan Davies Dance, London - Roof Studio, top floor (2nd), 85 St George's Rd, London SE1 6ER

The Mechanical Body by Swedish artists Stina Nyberg and Andrea Svensson takes as its starting point the physical practice established during the making of the performance Shapes of States, performed at the Tabernacle on May 29th as part of Block Universe 2017. As associative take on the 1920s movement of the Meyerhold’s Biomechanics used by Soviet actors, the workshop will delve into the language of this specific theatre training technique by exploring its highly stylised forms, duets and acrobatics and will essentially create a contemporary adaptation of it. Participants will engage in a warm-up eclectically mixing Qi Gong, conversations, visual interpretation and burpees.

This workshop is open to all, no prior movement experience required.

Image credit:  Stina Nyberg, Shapes of States, 2016. © José Figueroa

Stina Nyberg (b. 1981, Sweden) lives in Stockholm where she devises and performs choreography. Her choreographic practice relates to the possibility of creating through conviction and illusion new systems of logic in order to be able to construct the world differently and act accordingly. Her departure point is always a feminist approach to the body, its social and political construction and ability to move.

Andrea Svensson (b. 1972, Sweden) was educated at Balettakademien in Stockholm. She has worked as a freelance dancer since 1992, engaged in a wide area of dance arching over everything from entertainment to contemporary performance. She has been involved in TV, film and video productions, theatre, circus, opera, children’s performance and contemporary performance.