No Fantasy without Desire, No Destiny without a Daddy
— Evan Ifekoya & Victoria Sin

Tuesday, 29 May 2018, 7pm
The Brunel Museum, Thames Tunnel, Railway Avenue Rotherhithe London, SE16 4LF


*New Commission

With thanks to Doxy and Sh!

For their new commission, set to debut at the historic Thames Tunnel, Evan Ifekoya and Victoria Sin will present  No Fantasy without Desire, No Destiny Without a Daddy.  Realised as a performative reading of a science fiction script, it imagines potential futures of embodiment within a new sociopolitical system. Presented as a collection of fragments held together in the form of a narrative script; the work draws on text‘s such as Ursula le Guin’s ‘Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction’ where the format of the story is not to dictate a moral or didactic path, but instead propose a series of situations, ideas and contexts for being.
The script at the heart of this performance is generated through research the artist’s carried out at The Huntington Library in Los Angeles with Octavia E Butler’s papers. The starting point of which is Butler’s multiple false starts and stops of the final unfinished novel in her Parable series, Parable of the Trickster.

Evan Ifekoya and Victoria Sin have worked collaboratively since 2015, staging events and loosely scripted performance works that have been presented at Royal College of Art, Auto Italia and Steakhouse Live. Together, they are interested in exploring futures of corporeality, sexuality and linguistics through the lens of speculative fiction towards strategies of social justice for queer and radicalised bodies. Most recently, their performative sound work ‘The Tectonic Bassline of Your Love Spread Her Like Peanut Butter’ was presented at the Fiorucci Art Trust festival ‘I Polpi’ in collaboration with Eddie Peake, and later released by Vinyl Factory.